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Point Vétérinaire Italie Srl (PVI) is specialized in veterinary medicine, livestock, public health and food safety fields. We gained many operators' confidence, becoming leader publishers and reference point for the whole home market.


Our main activity involves spreading – via magazines, books and papers - the latest scientific acquisitions in agriculture, livestock, veterinary medicine, food safety and public health field, to support professional men in their work. This training activity has recently taken advantage of new technologies, such as a specific Internet platform.

The Publishing House makes its oganization and resources available for veterinary surgeons, breeders, public health operators and students, in order to create services to assist them in all the new daily challenges.


We entered the Italian market in 1992, when two historic magazines were acquired: "Summa" and "Professione allevatore".
The first one is a veterinary monthly magazine, now separated into two different versions, each devoted to a specific line: “Summa Small Animals” and “Summa Large Animals”. The second one, “Professione Allevatore” addresses instead to bovine breeders.

"La Settimana Veterinaria", the first weekly professional magazine for veterinary surgeons in Italy, was born in 1994 together with the "Dizionario del Medicinale Veterinario", a daily reference tool now running its ninth edition.

The Publishing House catalogue also numbers "Allevare - il Canile moderno", a quarterly magazine for dog breeders, "Veterinaria Pratica Equina", a quarterly horse magazine, "Professione Suinicoltore", a monthly magazine addressed to swine breeders, "Professione Avicunicoltore", for poultry and rabbit breeders, and "Allevare gatti", the biannual for cat lovers.

In 2011 Le Point Vétérinaire Italie acquired "Alimenti & Bevande", a monthly magazine and reference point addressed to public veterinary surgeons, hygienist physicians, food safety professionals and food industry operators.

Finally, we supervise "Argomenti S.I.Ve.M.P.", the official organ of the Italian Public Health Veterinary Surgeons’ Union, and "Praxis", the historical Bayer magazine.

The bookstore

Le Point Vétérinaire Italie boasts a full catalogue of new, “historic” and forthcoming titles (see “PVI books and papers” on the right).

Besides specific veterinarian volumes, the production comprises two series of practical manuals for breeders and the series “PVI Accademia”, with academic texts for the course of degree in Veterinary Medicine and other related courses.

Public health and food safety books are available too.


The Subscribers’ Club

A well-tested tool that gives our subscribers various opportunities.
The Club members can inquire about congresses and training courses, attending them at easy terms; they can buy at a discount books in our wide international on-line bookstore; they can also take advantage of exclusive services for professional or private activities by agreed upon companies, societies and public bodies.

The Club is now divided into two “sections”: one for veterinary surgeons
(exactly Club del Veterinario, characterised by the Vetcard, a service card) and one for breeders and similar professional figures.

Would you like to meet us?

Le Point Vétérinaire Italie s.r.l. address is 11th Medardo Rosso Street, 20159 Milan, Italy, (nearby "Porta Garibaldi" Railway Station, underground line M2 or "Zara Station" line M3).