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Professione Suinicoltore is a technical monthly magazine for pig breeders. It focuses on nutrition, genetics, management and technologies, also analyzed in the light of  feed and food industry.



Professione Suinicoltore arises from Professione Allevatore, which at the beginning covered all areas of livestock but later on has been divided into three different magazines, in order to deal more accurately with the main Italian production areas: dairy, swine and poultry.

Year after year Professione Suincoltore has gained a universally acknowledged status of reliability, proficiency and independence.



Professione Suinicoltore focuses on the following key points: reportages in the forefront farms, with a look into the management of the best breeders to catch their secrets; news; interviews; columns and in-depth analyses.

Always at the heart of the matter, Professione Suinicoltore is written with an intriguing style and a fresh graphic, in order to give - in the best and easy way - all the information the readers need to know.



In 2004 PVI started editing technical pocketbooks too, which followed the same philosophy of the magazine in the livestock area. They are all about a particular subject.

Last but not least, Professione Suincoltore becomes a daily free press during the most important Italian swine fairs (e.g. Rassegna Suinicola - Italpig) covering day by day the whole event.

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