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La Settimana Veterinaria is part of the Italian veterinary editorial sector from 25 years now and is the first weekly professional magazine for vets. With 45 issues per year, every week it offer news concerning the professional, technical, scientific, political and trade union's world, with reports of congresses, in-depth reviews and interviews. Continuing education is guaranteed by scientific and management themed sections, with specific columns; comments and readers opinions are welcomed in a dedicated area. Moreover, every week special attention is given to a particular topic, with a dossier that examine in depth a specific professioanl problem. The magazine is completed by a calendar of the most important events for veterinarians, that represents a significant part of the magazine: courses, congresses, seminars, and conferences, along with classified ads a.

IA specific section dedicated to the livestock: the supplement “Filiere”:


This section is intended for vets working with large animals and in agro-food chains, broadening then the topic to the whole chain, from the farmer, who looks at vets as a reference point to improve breeding performances, to the final consumer, who demands safe and healthy food, but is also aware of the importance of animal welfare.





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