Allevare - Dog Magazine

Allevare - Dog Magazine


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"Allevare - Il Canile Moderno" is the magazine for dog breeders published by Le Point Vétérinaire Italie. Born in 1998 as a monthly publication named "Canile Moderno", it has evolved during the years, until its graphic renewal on January 2003. The addition of the word "Allevare" is aimed at completing the previous name of the magazine, whose meaning belonged to the past and it didn't fully explain the passion with which the modern breeder works and takes care of his animals.


The magazine structure is made by different dossiers, simple and easy to ride, ranging from "Feeding and Diet" to "Reproduction and Genetic", from "Hygiene and Health" to "Management and Taxes", from "Legislation and Law" to "Practical Suggestions" and to "Scientific Information". The contents and layout of the magazine are organized together with Research Centre of the present sponsor, Royal Canine.


Finally, the magazine includes an updated calendar with the dates of the main dog exhibitions in Italy.


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